The F-113 Hellcat


Designed by J.T. Nesbitt, the Generation 2 Hellcat is a powerful but tame motorcycle that can be safely ridden by any experienced rider.

This machine was previously owned by a good friend of the company and collector of Confederate motorcycles. 


The G2, also called the F113/F124, served as a template our subsequent design language. While the G1 Hellcat had been a relatively conventional-looking machine supported by high-quality components and excellent attention to detail, the G2 was a mean, vicious son of a bitch that soon drew the attention of the public and the motorcycle industry, making Confederate the darling of celebrities and well-heeled riders looking for the ultimate in performance and exclusivity. The big twin and cradle frame were still present, as was our proprietary vertical gearbox, but all the details were reworked into a package that was completely unlike any other production machine on the market.

Nesbitt devised a way of using the swingarm as the exhaust, by way of a triple-layer Inconel bellows connecting the headers to the curved, hollow swingarm tube. Thus far the G2 Hellcat is the only motorcycle design to route the exhaust in this manner; the Riedel Imme R100 used the exhaust pipe as a swinging arm, but the powerplant was rigidly attached to the arm/pipe and moved in tandem with the rear wheel. Twin Penske shocks supported the rear.


Adjustable 50mm Marzocchi forks and six-piston radial mounted brakes up front suggested a sporting machine, but a 240mm width rear tire and a carbon-fibre tractor saddle said something else before being drowned out by the fury of a too-much-is-just-enough 124 cubic inch S&S mill which thumped out 130hp and arm-wrenching 140 lb/ft torque at the rear wheel.


These massive engines and obscene power figures proved to be more than enough to fling the 530 LB brute down the road with the sort of immediacy and drama that made motojournalists wax poetic about the capabilities of what was supposedly an “antiquated” 45-degree twin - when they weren’t busy pointing out the astonishing $60,000-plus price tag, anyway. It performed like it looked – brutal, uncompromising, and awe-inspiring.

From the private collection of James Hough, current land speed record holder with our Team!

Number 12, this 2005 Hellcat has only break-in miles on the odometer; waiting to carry it's new owner on the next adventure. 


Engine: Proprietary F113 CID sidewinder

Transmission: 5-speed, belt

Top speed: 135 mph

Horsepower: 120 hp @ 6200 rpm 

Weight: 500 lbs (227 kg)

Seat height: 28 inches (711 mm)

Price: $45,000

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